Artists,memory and civil rights for Third Millennium Europe

The project “ Store the Future” was devised to meet the demands of two parallel universes whose paths have crossed for years. Respectively, archival institutions and cultural and creative industry.

Store the Future aims at meeting the need to give voice and value to the documentary heritage preserved in archives, especially autobiographical stories ( diaries, letters etc.), in full compliance with the sources and the sensitivity of the authors.
Moreover, it also meets the need for new original stories, inspired by life experience, which belong to the world of artistic creativity; a world of actors, musicians, playwrights, and professionals in the field of cultural industry.
Store the Future is a meeting point for these two sets of needs.

The promoter of our project is the Archivio Diaristico Nazionale (National Diary Archive) of Pieve Santo Stefano (Arezzo, Italy). This archive was established almost thirty-five years ago in order to preserve and pass memory on.This memory is collected in more than 6.500 documents and autobiographical texts.

The experience of the Archivio of Pieve Santo Stefano has given birth to a good conservation and diffusion of the autobiographical stories, always with due attention to the international scenario, to the evolution of the archival research profession, and to the opportunities and motivation that come from the world of entertainment and culture.

This is Store the Future’s attitude. Its vision is open to sharing and to comparison with new experiences and good techniques that come from archival conservation and research field and from European artistic production, in order to create a new culture and growth opportunity.

The main goal of the project is to hand down to a wider range of audience, especially to future generations, the cultural heritage preserved by European organisations which work to collect and store autobiographical stories by producing new artistic productions.

The Project has five actions:


Scientific Research

Drafting guidelines for “Archive research aimed at artistic production».


Archival Research

identification of subject matters related to significant and historical events about the achievement of individual and group rights in Europe during 20th century.


A new professional figure

Definition of new professional figure’s CV: “ Experienced Archival Researcher for artistic productions”


Artistic Production

Three artist residencies with the participation of artists, researchers and professionals in creative industry.


Artistic Representation

Final Representation and encore performances at festivals and partner theaters.


Our Promoter

Fondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale of
Pieve Santo Stefano (National Diary Archive Foundation)
(Arezzo, Italy)

Our Partners

Arquivo dos Diários 
Lisbona (Portogallo)


Associazione Bandalena 
Sigonce (France)


Archivio di Pazin 
Pazin (Croazia)


OpenCom issc 
Arezzo (Italy)

Teatro di Anghiari
Anghiari (Italy)