Artists, memory and civil rights for the Europe of the Third Millennium


The project "Store the Future" was born to give concrete answers to the needs of two "parallel universes" that over time have crossed more and more often their paths: the archival institutions and the creative and cultural industry. To which does Store the Future respond? On the one hand, the need to enhance and give voice to the documentary heritage preserved in the archives, especially personal autobiographical stories (diaries, letters, etc.), while respecting the sources and sensitivity of the authors. On the other hand, the need to create new original subjects, inspired by stories of lived life, which belongs to the universe of artistic creativity, a universe made of actors, musicians, screenwriters and professionals of the cultural industry. Read more...

Promoter and Partner

The Store the Future team is made up of competent and passionate people, from different countries, who work in synergy for shared goals. Store the Future is a project that involves operators and experts from different professional sectors, coming from Italy, Croatia, France and Portugal. The planned activities cover, in fact, areas such as archival research, artistic production, the definition and recognition of professional skills, communication and more. By sharing a common path and objectives, each partner of Store the Future works to achieve the results guaranteeing quality and efficiency to its contribution to the project.Read more...

The archives involved

Archives are a common European heritage to be exploited. The heart of the project lies in the intangible heritage collected and preserved by three European archival institutions, partners of Store the Future:
- Archivio Diaristico Nazionale di Pieve Santo Stefano, Italy (promoter of the project);
- State archive of Pazin, Croatia;
- Arquivo dos Diários of Lisbon, Portugal.
Three archives, that is, three interlocutors who dialogue, share good practices and develop innovative methodologies for the execution of archival research aimed at the production of original artistic works. Read more...

A new professional figure


This new figure, conceived and promoted through the store the Future project, is certainly one of the most innovative aspects of the project.
The Expert in archival research aimed at artistic production is, in fact, the trait d'union of two worlds apparently distant: it is the element that unites the universe of the archives, of the personal documents preserved (diaries, letters, etc.), of the catalogues for research and tools for the conservation with the universe of creativity the fact of arts organisations, filmmakers, theatre companies, musicians, and writers in search of inspiration. Read eore...

Artistic production

Store the Future involves artists, researchers and creative professionals. In a word, a diverse team, specially formed for the realization of an artistic work, in several languages, intended for a wide audience and, in particular, the youth. A work inspired by personal autobiographical stories preserved in European archives and focused on a decisive historical phase of the last century that marked the lives of a generation and still today is a reason for reflection and debate: that of ‘68. Read more...