A common European heritage to be enhanced


The heart of the project lies in the personal autobiographical documents preserved by three different archival institutions (partners of Store the Future) :
National Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano, Italy (project promoter)
The State Archives in Pazin, Croatia
Arquivo dos Diários, Lisbon, Portugal
Three archives that interact, share good techniques and develop innovative methodologies for archival research aimed at producing original artistic works.
Everything starts from “simple” handwritten texts: letters, diaries or torn pages from a notebook. These texts narrate personal stories, thoughts, reflections on life and much more. The documents are preserved in archives by those who, by their vocation, try to keep those memories and stories alive so that future generations can continue to preserve and pass them on.
The European archival heritage still has unexplored fields and it is a precious source from which artistic production creators can draw. Store the Future is particularly interested in autobiographical archival documents such as diaries and letters.
More and more often, artistic producers are drawing on these unpublished stories in order to give birth to new original artistic productions. Too often, unfortunately, the subjects are not treated in full compliance with the sensitivity of the sources and their original nature. These mistakes - even if made with the best intentions - lead to a distorted and ambiguous representation of the contents, giving the public wrong information.

Project Goals

Enhancing preserved
autobiographical stories

Increase the awareness of those institutions which collect and preserve personal autobiographical stories (archivals, libraries, documentation centres etc.) about the possibility of passing the preserved heritage on to a wider audience and future generations by using contemporary “artistic languages”.

Drafting Guidelines for
«Archive research aimed at artistic production»

Establishing useful methodologies for archival research, aimed at producing original artistic works.
Establishing operative modalities in order to search the archives for autobiographical material, all in order to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and a Dialogue protocol with the other archives.


Creating the
“Expert in Archival Research aimed at Artistic Production”

Creating a new professional figure with specific competencies and experience in various fields ( archival research, cultural mediation, artistic language etc.), who is able to develop coherent links between personal autobiographical texts preserved in archives and the original artistic production.

Archival Research aimed
at artistic production

Creating research agendas on archival research in order to detect significant historical period and events related to the achievement of individual and group rights in Europe during 20th century. The result of this research will be the starting point for the Artistic Production of Store the Future: the subject matter that will give birth to a multilingual play.